Kia ora koutou,

We welcome all our kaiako to the TrailBlazers Workshop. This workshop is designed to help you gain confidence in teaching digital technology and computer science.

Digital technology is going to be critical to every aspect of life in the future - be it robots, AI, Flying cars, Augmented Reality, 3D printing and so much more….

To recognise this the Government has made in part of the curriculum in schools. Which means you are now the key to ensuring all children learn digital technology! This workshop is a great first step to prepare yourself for this awesome responsibility. OMGTech! is here and committed to supporting you on your journey with digital technologies. We’d love if you joined our teachers community where we can share the learnings and fun together. Kia kaha!

Noho ora mai

Pictured - Headshot of Zoe Timbrell Co-Founder and General Manager

Co-Founder and General Manager

Pictured - Headshot of Vivian Chandra, PLD Lead and Accredited Facilitator at OMGTech!

PLD Lead and Accredited Facilitator


This site is designed to be led by your facilitator, but to be available for you to peruse at greater length later. To make things a bit easier, we've come up with some icons to watch out for:

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A discussion stop is where we take a pause and think about what we have just learnt.

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Here we provide you with a downloadable lesson plan. We might not have time during the workshop to go thru the lesson, but our contact details are right on this page - scroll up!

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This is a quick pause to do an exercise together. We will provide you with the materials you need. (Or list it at the beginning of the exercise if you are following along at home!)

The menu across the top is designed for you to follow from left to right, or to jump ahead if you've already been through it once.


Because we all like to have a slideshow, here is a link to a presentation which we use to aid in the navigation of this site